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Our personnel have broad experience providing expert opinions and advice on financial, accounting and tax matters in a wide variety of disputes. We have testified as expert witnesses and worked as consultants on liability and damage issues, on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants, in helping to assess causes of action, and during discovery and trial. Based on this history, we know what it takes to help attorneys and their clients deal with complex financial, accounting and tax issues relevant to a dispute.

Seasoned Professionals

Sisterson's partners average more than twenty­ five years of public accounting experience - professionals with sound professional judgment, technical expertise, and communication skills developed over many years of service to clients of varying sizes in a wide array of industries. Our philosophy of hands-on involvement by the partners increases the quality and credibility of our services and reduces the risk that important facts will be overlooked.

Knowledgeable About Litigation

Selected partners and other professionals of Sisterson have undertaken training and study regarding the litigation process, applicable professional standards and legal rules, damage theories and methodologies, and the communication of findings and conclusions in a litigation environment. This training, combined with prior experience in litigation and claims engagements, helps us to get right to the issues while minimizing start-up time.

Cost Control

Dispute resolution can be an expensive process. We understand the pressure to control expenses without compromising quality. Our billing rates are substantially less than those of most national accounting or forensic accounting firms. In addition, we work with legal counsel and their clients to develop budgets, work programs and arrangements to assist in controlling and monitoring our service costs. This combination of reasonable billing rates and focus on cost control enables us to provide quality services at a reasonable price.

Reputation for Responsiveness

We understand the unpredictable nature of litigation and the need to be ready when called on. One of the distinguishing features of our Firm is our track record of exceptional responsiveness to our clients. When you are faced with unrealistic court imposed deadlines or other time constraints, we strive to move quickly to meet your needs. Moreover, our experience allows us to anticipate the unexpected, which permits us to get ahead of the litigation curve by continually working with all members of the litigation team early in the pre-trial process.

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