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Business Process Optimization

Sisterson can provide valuable insight to your business processes. Our approach is to review existing processes and make recommendations necessary to streamline your workflow.

Enterprise Software Selection

Selecting a new business software package, whether it is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management) or CRM (Customer Relationship Management), is a critical project. Much is at stake in the final decision process and the implementation once a vendor is selected. We can help guide you through this process using the Engleman Associates methodology for ERP software selection (click for PDF) methodology through our partnership with Engleman Associates.

Since 1996, Engleman Associates has delivered the SoftSelect ERP software selection process. This process has significantly evolved over time and now includes effective components for ERP cost control, ERP implementation risks control, and developing an overall ERP strategy. Since 2001, Engleman has offered a summary version of our ERP research in an online ERP comparison database.

ERP Software – Buy New or Improve Existing?
At most companies, operations management would admit that the use of business software, such as ERP (enterprise resource planning), could be improved. But how - and when? (Read more.)

Business Process Reengineering

What is business process reengineering? Four key words describe it best:
  • Fundamental – reengineering begins with no assumptions
  • Radical – reengineering is about business reinvention, not business improvement
  • Processes – reengineering focuses on processes, not people, jobs, or tasks
  • Dramatic – reengineering is not about incremental improvements, its about achieving quantum leaps in performance.
Our business process reengineering professionals understand change is difficult. We bring our expertise to create an environment for change by using a structured, effective approach to reengineering by:
  • Identifying the process customer driven objectives
  • Understanding the existing alternatives
  • Search alternatives and benchmarking
  • Examining the “fit” of a reengineered process
  • Reengineering the process
  • Providing training sessions to help the organization prepare
  • Implementing the reengineering process.
Through Sisterson’s practical experience and reengineering assessments, typical business processes identified for reengineering may include:
  • Strategy development
  • Product development
  • Customer design and support
  • Manufacturing capability development
  • Customer communications
  • Order fulfillment

Business Process Leaders

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