Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Sisterson's Consulting Services professionals have substantial experience and are committed to providing our clients with valuable information to help them make the best business planning decisions.

Business Advisory Services

The Consulting Services group has been working with clients of the firm for more than 25 years. Providing these services enables us to become an advisory partner for many of our clients.

  • Benchmarking and Ratio Analysis – We use benchmarking and related analyses of financial ratios to compare a company to competitors or industry participants, identifying strengths and weaknesses and suggesting corrective actions. Our consultants, thoroughly qualified in financial analysis can gather an entire picture of an organization’s financial health.
  • Business Valuations – Sisterson has expertise in dealing with transactions for small and large businesses.  We have professionals who are accredited as certified valuation analysts, and possess extensive technical resources and conduct comprehensive industry analyses.
  • Cash and Working Capital Management – We look at financial management by analyzing the current situation, helping to arrange funds from external sources, advising to ensure assets and liabilities are utilized effective, preparing cash flows and working capital forecasts, and making recommendations that maximize the wealth of owners.
  • Financial Modeling – Through the development of models, we can provide information to help clients evaluate business decisions, to provide insights and practical assessments, and to guide them into the future.
  • Fraud Investigations and Forensic Accounting – Sisterson professionals have experience investigating frauds, preparing reports on our findings, and, if necessary, testifying to our findings. We apply forensic accounting techniques in fraud investigation as well as other work such as litigation and dispute resolution.
  • Litigation & Claims Services – We can assist in many aspects of litigation including pre-litigation support, discovery assistance, damage analysis, and expert opinions, including written expert reports and testimony at trial and other hearings.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – We have the experience to support companies through every aspect of an acquisition, including: target identification and screening; due diligence analysis; preparation of prospective financial information and modeling; deal structure and valuation analysis; tax optimization planning; negotiation assistance; and purchase price adjustment and price contingency analysis and verification.
  • Product Pricing and Inventory Costing Systems – We apply advanced cost management tools and techniques to better measure costs, formulate accurate pricing strategies, and determine real profitability.
  • Profit Enhancement Programs – Sisterson professionals help customers identify opportunities for improved profitability, assess value-added products and services, plan and develop these products and services, and comprehensively address processes that drive customer satisfaction.
  • Quality of Earnings Analysis - We have performed quality of earnings analyses for acquisitions, divestitures, financing and other purposes and have significant experience in the normalization of earnings and cash flows and verification of those types of adjustments.
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Business Optimization Services

  • Accounting and Reporting System Solutions – Sisterson is a leading partner with several software providers. We have the experience to manage the project and provide the insight to maximize software to meet your business needs.
  • Business Process Reviews – We bring our expertise to create an environment for change by using a structured, effective approach.
  • Design of Management Control Reports – The professionals at Sisterson can help a company efficient and effectively gather company-wide financial and operational data, and design management control reports that improve a company's productivity and profitability.
  • Inventory Management and Control Systems – Our team of inventory specialists can help clients optimize inventory through practical and effective approaches.
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