About Us

Independently Owned Since Inception

The Sisterson Standard

Sisterson Partner GroupPictured left to right: Jared Sullivan, Melissa Pugne, Bill Richardson, Debbie Ogrodnik, Mike Comstock, Brad Lusk, Brian Kuczinski, Dee Palaschak, Mark Uebele, Joe Nicola and John Sieger. Not pictured: Sarah Eckels, Kim Miller, Megan Walsh.

For over 95 years, our professionals have served clients large and small with the same standard of service. What differentiates Sisterson from other firms is what we call the Sisterson Standard. Simply, these are the standards by which we work with our clients and how we run our engagements:
  • Partner involvement in all engagements
  • Technical expertise in complex matters
  • Commitment to integrity, competence and objectivity
  • Dedicated and responsive staff
  • Exemplary client service

95 Years and Counting

Douglas G. Sisterson, FounderIn 1926, encouraged by a client impressed by his work, Douglas G. Sisterson opened his own accounting firm. The firm started with a clear philosophy - commit to excellence, the highest of ethics, and personal service in every engagement. Over the years, the firm has successfully adapted to changes in the world and in the industry. Mr. Sisterson's name is still on the door and his philosophy has been carried on through the years. Today, Sisterson is one of the largest independent and locally-owned certified public accounting and financial consulting firms in western Pennsylvania.
These individuals are:
  • Committed to technical and service excellence
  • Dedicated to practice development
  • Effective communicators
  • Innovative thinkers
  • Self-motivated and work together in support of the firm’s mission
Therefore, we have the responsibility to provide:
  • Opportunities for growth through challenging and diverse experiences
  • Resources and leadership to promote professional development
  • An environment that is sensitive to both personal and professional needs
  • Open and honest communication
  • Recognition and rewards for performance which supports the firm's mission and strategic plan
We, therefore, have the responsibility to:
  • Adhere to high ethical standards
  • Deliver superior quality, value-added services in an efficient manner
  • Provide creative solutions on a proactive basis
  • Be accessible, responsive and informed
  • Foster mutual respect and professionalism


  • We value and reward individuals with high ethical standards
  • We believe in the dignity of every individual and in taking their interests seriously
  • We strive to maintain close, mutually rewarding relationships with our clients

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the success of our clients through our commitment, creativity and competencies as a respected and responsive provider of value-added financial services.