Our professionals provide advisory services to companies nationwide, including commercial lending field examinations, quality of earnings reviews, valuations, and other tailored due diligence engagements.

Advisory Services

Collateral Field Examinations for Commercial Lenders
We perform field examinations for new and existing loans for various regional and national financial institutions. Our practice also performs field examinations for cash flow-based loans, export/import related loans, financial due diligence, quality of earnings analyses, and forensic accounting investigations. We can provide the quick turnaround required by lenders while providing a thorough and impartial analysis of asset quality. Industry experience includes: manufacturing, distribution, service, contracting, technology, metals, aggregates, minerals, fixed assets, rental assets, lender finance, factoring, healthcare, and lumber.

There are many reasons for having a business valuation performed. Mergers, acquisitions, estate planning, divorce, buy-sell agreements, shareholder disputes, and litigation are just a few. At Sisterson, we prepare business valuations for many different purposes and provide clients with sound valuation analysis and opinions on the value of their businesses.

Due Diligance/Quality of Earnings Reviews

The professionals at Sisterson prepare can prepare a quality of earnings (QOE) report, a fundamental part of due diligence when selling, buying or investing in a business. It helps to establish the value of a business by analyzing and reporting on detailed aspects that may not be readily identifiable to a seller, buyer or investor in reviewing the financial statements.

Other Transactional Based Advisory Services
Sisterson is a firm that is deep with business advisory experience in relation to business transactions involving sales, mergers and acquisitions. Sisterson can also help evaluate projected cash flow, proposals for bank financing, business synergies, and maximum purchase price. We can perform due diligence and dig for information that can help clients to evaluate risk. All tax issues will be identified and dealt with, and that we know how to work alongside legal counsel from the time due diligence begins, in drafting of a letter of intent, in hammering out the last minute details of the sales agreement, right through the time that escrowed purchase price is finally released after satisfaction of all claims against the seller.

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Advisory Services Executive Team

Megan E. Walsh

Megan E. Walsh

Consulting Services Partner
Mark  Uebele

Mark Uebele

Assurance Services Partner
Matthew A. Ruzic

Matthew A. Ruzic

Assurance Services Partner
Amanda C. Howard

Amanda C. Howard

Consulting Director

Our goal is to be a strategic partner for our clients, and to look beyond the numbers in every engagement.  

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