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Tax Services for Businesses, Individuals & Trusts

Our firm is a leader in tax compliance and sophisticated tax planning strategies. The scope of our practice goes far beyond routine tax return preparation.

The following are areas of expertise and service:

  • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) - Our tax team is well versed in both planning and compliance issues related to this complex tax.
  • Business Acquisitions - We can help with tax issues such as choosing the legal form of the acquiring entity, the allocation of purchase prices, amortizations of purchase price related to intangibles, purchase money indebtedness, employment contracts, methods of accounting, inventory accounting including LIFO issues, and many other related tax matters.
  • Charitable Planning - Sisterson has expertise in both the income tax and estate tax implications of establishing efficient charitable legacies.
  • Choice of Entity - We can analyze a business owner's specific tax and non-tax considerations and objectives in order to choose the most appropriate legal form of doing business
  • Consolidated Tax Returns - Sisterson has exceptional experience in the use of consolidated returns for operations of all sizes
  • Depreciation and Amortization - Attention is placed on the planning vs. compliance aspects of fixed assets recordkeeping
  • Estate Planning - Our professionals will work with you to design a customized estate plan and can assist in managing and conserving your estate while reducing tax liabilities.
  • International Tax - Going global has become a necessity for many organizations. We are experienced in compliance with foreign investments.
  • Passive Activity and At-Risk Loss Limitation Planning - Complying with at-risk and passive activity loss rules and planning for losses is an area in which we have exceptional knowledge and experience.
  • R&D Tax Credits - One of the most valuable credits leveraged by companies, we can help determine if your company is eligible.
  • Sales and Use Tax Planning - We have experience in all areas pertaining to state sales and use tax.
  • State and Local Tax - Sisterson professionals work with clients to reassess their operations in multiple states to reduce their state tax liabilities.
  • Selling a Business - We know how to help owners reduce or defer tax on the sale of a business.
  • Tax Accounting Methods and Elections - Our team is familiar with the subtle nuances of accounting methods and can determine when a change is appropriate.
  • Tax Compliance - We view compliance as an effective tool to identify tax-planning ideas for businesses and individuals.
  • Taxation in Pennsylvania - The unusual combination of both an income tax and a net worth tax in our state requires careful planning to minimize the overall tax burden for corporations in Pennsylvania. We have spent many years dealing with Pennsylvania tax law and the Department of Revenue and can meet that challenge.
  • 5500 Preparation - We provide preparation and review of Form 5500; Form 5500 compliance reviews for plan sponsors and insurance brokers, including assistance identifying frequently overlooked ERISA welfare benefit plans that require a Form 5500; and assistance in obtaining penalty relief under the DFVC Program for late Forms 5500.

Tax Examinations

While no CPA can guarantee an outcome in any type of tax examination, you can be certain that the tax professionals at Sisterson will be aggressive advocates for you in every instance where reasonable doubt exists as to the correct application of the law in a given factual pattern. We have a thorough understanding of how examinations are conducted and how disputes can be resolved most efficiently. In situations where litigation is justified, we can help clients select tax counsel, and assist with trial preparation.

Tax Partners

Sisterson tax professionals have experience in complex and sophisticated tax issues and work year round on client matters.

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CHIPS Act Poised to Boost U.S. Businesses

CHIPS Act Poised to Boost U.S. Businesses

The CHIPS Act aims to bolster semiconductor production and economic competitiveness. Among its provisions is an investment tax credit for manufacturing facilities and equipment.

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